The most suitable method to isolate exosomes from biological samples.

Size exclusion chromatography (SEC) has been described as most efficient method for isolating EVs from complex biological fluids in one single step, with a good recovery and with almost complete removal of contaminants, such as proteins and lipoproteins. Immunostep have developed 70nm and 35nm SEC columns for EVs isolation from complex biological fluids such as: plasma, serum, urine and cerebrospinal fluid.

Rapid & Reliable Exosome Purification

Reusable Columns and Efficient Packaging

Successfully separating different EVs sizes

 Great performance separating exosomes from important contaminants:

Immunostep reusable Size Exclusion Columns enable the rapid isolation of extracellular vesicles (EVs) from cell culture supernatants and complex biological fluids. Each column efficiently removes background proteins, lipids, solutes, and other contaminants to improve the sensitivity and accuracy of downstream assays (e.g., TRPS, protein profiling, RNA profiling, etc.) while maintaining the biological properties of the EVs. Vesicles are isolated in 15 minutes allowing EV samples to be collected and analysed immediately. Columns are available off-the-shelf, and quality assured so your isolations are reproducible from column to column.

Figure 1: (A) Amount of EVs and protein in each fraction from the column. Comparative of protein (BCA) vs vesicles (FACS CD63+/CD9+) content. (B) Flow cytometric Analysis of elution fractions. Stain Index = (MFI Positive-MFI background 2σ background) (C) Western Blot SEC fractions were loaded on SD-PAGE and immunoblotted for CD9 tetraspanin with anti-CD9 (VJ1/20), under no-reducing conditions.

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 Successfully separating different EVs sizes

  •  Separation Size: 35-350nm

  • Sample Volume: <1ml (Optimal: 500 µl)

  • Volumetric Flow Rate at RT: >0.75ml/min

  • Column Volume: 10ml

  •  Separation Size: 70-1000nm

  • Sample Volume: <1ml (Optimal: 500 µl)

  • Volumetric Flow Rate at RT: >0.75ml/min

  • Column Volume: 10ml

Lower sample volumes?

We have special columns designed for lower sample volumes (optimal: 150 µl), maintaining the same specifications and performance.

If you are interested, contact us and we will send you more details.

Reusable columns and efficient packaging.

Immunostep columns have been developed to facilitate its execution, and for this reason it comes with a box which easily transform to a columns rack in the laboratory.

Figure 2. Graphic instructions to use column box as well as rack, avoiding to get a specific column rack in the laboratory and facilitating the protocol.


Kit NameKit Description
EVs SEC 70 nm – 4 pack

| 4 Columns | SEC7012-4

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EVs SEC 70 nm – 8 pack

| 8 Columns | SEC7012-8 | 

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EVs SEC 35 nm – 4 pack

| 4 Columns | SEC3512-4 | 

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EVs SEC 35 nm – 8 pack

| 8 Columns | SEC3512-8

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